The National Broadband Next Generation Access Plan (hereinafter NGA National Plan) is the roadmap for the development and availability of modern broadband infrastructure throughout the country, as well as the citizens’ and businesses’ deployment of high and ultra-high-speed broadband services.

The National Plan includes a set of legislative and regulatory interventions as well as tangible support actions for modern broadband infrastructures deployment.

As minimum national targets for the deployment and service availability of high and ultra-high speed broadband connections have been set the following:

Target 1: by 2020, availability of Internet access at speeds over 30Mbps for all Greeksof the country

Target 2: by 2020, at least 50% of Greek households should have an Internet connection with a speed of above 100Mbps

To achieve these objectives, the required public intervention focuses both on ensuring an attractive investment environment so that private investment would be viable and on optimizing the management of available public funding not only to act as a catalyst for private investment but also to support the deployment of infrastructures that tackle the “digital exclusion” even in areas where market failure is observed.



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The Superfast Broadband (SFBB) voucher is an intervention of the “National Broadband Next Generation Access Plan 2014-2020” designed by the General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Posts of the […]

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